CBD For Epilepsy: How Does It Work?

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CBD For Epilepsy
CBD For Epilepsy

Among the numerous health benefits that CBD offers, its application in the treatment of epilepsy is quite famous. In fact, the only FDA approved CBD drug Epidolex is used to treat two severe conditions of epilepsy, Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Studies That Support The Use Of CBD For Treating Epilepsy

Data from the studies that investigated the effectiveness of CBD in handling the symptoms of epilepsy lead to the FDA approval of Epidolex. Produced by Greenwich Biosciences, Epidolex is a purified CBD extract that was studied in several controlled clinical trials. The studies involved a control group in which some people were given a placebo while the others were given CBD in different doses. The researchers had no idea of who were given the placebo and who were given CBD. Studies of this type are called “gold standard studies”.

A summary of a gold standard study published in New England Journal of Medicine in 2018 is given below.

People with Lennox Gastaut syndrome who suffered from two or more atonic seizures in a week were included in the study. They were given 20 mg or 10 mg CBD according to their body weights, or a placebo.

The total of 225 participants were enrolled into any of the following 3 groups.

  • 76 people were included in the 20mg CBD group
  • 73 people were included in the 10 mg CBD group
  • 76 belonged to the placebo group

During the treatment period, the drop seizures reduced from the baseline by:

  • 9% in the 20 mg CBD group
  • 2% in the 10 mg CBD group
  • 2% in the placebo group

The higher percentage of decrease in seizures in the CBD group sheds light on the anti-convulsive properties of CBD. You can shop high-quality CBD products from Greeny website, the trusted source of reputable CBD products.

How Does CBD Reduce Seizures In Epilepsy?

The route through which CBD affects the nervous system to treat epilepsy is different from other anti-epileptic drugs. The mechanism is still not understood clearly. Seizures occur as a result of the stimulation of GPR55 receptors and in the event of a seizure, there is an increase in concentration of these receptors on the nerve cells, leading to a positive feedback loop that makes the seizure worse. CBD has the ability to block GPR55 receptors, a property that is relevant in epilepsy treatment. This is why CBD users report a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of seizures.