Potential Effects of Cannabidiol On Epileptic Dogs Studied

CBD For Epilepsy
CBD For Epilepsy
CBD For Epilepsy
CBD For Epilepsy

There are many CBD products with glowing testimonials, which claim that this cannabis-derived substance makes pets calmer. While some CBD-infused pet products fail to deliver on their promises, others actually provide what they claim.

Can Cannabidiol Oil Help Epileptic Dogs?

Epilepsy is among the common reasons for recurrent seizures of dogs. Unfortunately, standard drugs used for epilepsy in dogs can cause side effects. Even with medicine, up to 30% of these animalswith epilepsy keep experiencing seizures. Instead, you can use CBD for seizures in dogs, and it may be useful in this regard.

Cannabidiol does not induce ‘high’ sensations, like the main active component of cannabis namely THC does. Rather, CBD is known to provide pain relief, plus it is the major ingredient in several cannabis-based pet items. Judging by anecdotal evidence, cannabidiol may serve as an alternative treatment for many conditions, including dog epilepsy. Although no detailed research has yet confirmed the same, there are ongoing clinical tests on the scope of CBD for canine epilepsy.

The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation has revealed a major test to study cannabidiol as a form of treatment for refractory epilepsy in these pets.

AKCCHF’s Breakthrough Test

This organization has done a big-scale study in order to look at the effects of cannabidiol on canine seizure activities. Dr. Stephanie McGrath is Colorado State University’s veterinary neurologist and the AKCCHF project’s main investigator. She said, “The drugs we currently have available frequently cause intolerable side effects or do not work well enough to control the seizures. Therefore, if CBD does prove to be an effective anticonvulsant, this would affect thousands of dogs worldwide.”

Any likely side effects related to cannabidiol will also be looked at in the study. As per Dr. McGrath, its researchers look at dogs once per four weeks, do frequent blood work, plus give pet owners weekly questionnaires.

The Reason Why Studies Are Important

Without regulations and studies, several CBD-infused goods will be unregulated and unverified. When asked whether pet owners have to be cautious of such goods, Dr. McGrath stated, “Not knowing the exact constituents and quantities of those constituents in a particular product is scary, especially with the knowledge that at certain doses, THC can be toxic to dogs.”

It is worth noting she was referring to the amount of CBD there, not the substance itself.

Preliminary ‘in vivo’ studies of cannabidiol show anticonvulsant properties, and researchers expect CBD to provide more effective control of the neurological disorder with fewer adverse effects.