A Note On The Antiepileptic Trait Of CBD

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Treat Epilepsy With CBD Oil
Treat Epilepsy With CBD Oil

CBD’s potential to treat various diseases has been drawing the attention of several people towards it. Out of these severe diseases, its ability to treat epilepsy has proven to be a boon for many parents whose children suffer from intractable epilepsy. All these years this epilepsy has not positively responded to the existing medications. So, is it true that there is CBD for epilepsy? Can we treat epilepsy with CBD oil? Come on, let us find out.

CBD For Epilepsy

If your understanding about CBD for epilepsy is that, with the use of CBD one’s epilepsy can be cured once and for all; then you are wrong in thinking this way. The truth about using CBD for epilepsy is that CBD can help with improving the quality of life of the people suffering from epilepsy. For instance, take the case of seizures. Using CBD, the frequency of the seizures can be reduced and thereby the quality of life of the patient can be improved. Additionally, other side effects associated with the conventional epilepsy medications can be potentially reduced with the use of CBD.

Understanding Epilepsy

The main trait of epilepsy is recurring seizures. A seizure can be explained as a sudden increase in the electrical activity of a human brain. Thus, by epilepsy we mean a medical condition or a disorder wherein, the patient suffers from frequent seizures.

Role Of CBD In Stopping Seizures

CBD works by enhancing the human ECS and aiding in its balanced functioning. The activities of the neurotransmitters present in the brain are regulated by the ECS. When a seizure happens, there is over excitation in this activity. Thus, an efficiently functioning ECS results in controlling this over excitation. As a result of this, the number of seizures gets reduced; also its severity.

Benefits Of CBD For Epilepsy

  • Reduced seizures
  • Increased appetite
  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced social interaction
  • Better alertness
  • Better mood
  • Good motor skills

How Does CBD Function As Antiepileptic?

There are four ways in which CBD functions as antiepileptic and these are listed as under.

  1. By interfering with the process of endocannabinoid-degradation, CBD pumps up the level of endocannabinoids.
  2. By regulating the flow of ions like potassium and calcium, CBD decreases the neuron-excitability.
  3. By suppressing the glutamate activity, CBD control or reduces the excitation of the neurons.
  4. By playing the role of an anti-inflammatory agent, CBD reduces neuroinflammation.

Don’t you think CBD is indeed a lifesaver?