Can CBD Help Treat Epilepsy?

Purify Hemp Oil
Purify Hemp Oil
Treat Epilepsy With CBD Oil
Treat Epilepsy With CBD Oil

Treating epilepsy with the use of CBD oil has been a technique followed by the doctors for quite some time now. Especially when it comes to the symptoms related to the medical condition, CBD offers multifarious benefits and miraculously heals these symptoms.

How Does CBD Work?

The working of CBD can be best explained in three steps and these are as follows.

  1. When endocannabinoids are released into the human brains, the neuroprotective function gets activated. This reduces the risk of seizure. When CBD is consumed, more cannabinoids are introduced into the brain and this enhances the functioning of the human ECS.
  2. ECS is closely associated with the modulatory function. Seizures are the results of neuroexcitation triggers. When CBD is consumed, these excitations can be prevented.
  3. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD can be utilized for the reduction of neuroinflammation and thus the frequency of seizures can be controlled.

How Is CBD Used In Epilepsy Treatment?

Three varieties of oil are used to treat epilepsy with CBD oil. These are.

Vape Oils

CBD vape oils are typically inhaled using a vape pen or a vaporizer. A surge in the popularity of CBD vape oils can be observed because the present generation prefers vaping as it has a soothing effect on the one who inhales it. Also, the flavors in which this vape oil is available is another attractive feature of the product – anything to overcome the earthy flavor of natural CBD.


CBD Tinctures are consumed sublingually. They are dropped under the user’s tongue using a dropper which comes with the bottle of CBD Tincture. In terms of the CBD absorption rate, the use of CBD Tinctures is ranked high.


CBD Capsules are consumed like any other traditional pill – swallowed. Together with being an easy way of consuming your daily dose of CBD, this is also preferred because you will not have to taste the earthy flavor.

Important Pointers To Be Kept In Mind

To date, the FDA has only approved the use of Epidiolex for the treatment of epilepsy. However, other drugs are also marketed under CBD as the industry is unregulated. CBD can potentially interact with other medications you are taking. Therefore, as a safety measure, check with your doctor before you decide to add CBD to your daily routine. The doctor will know your medical history and thus can guide you to attain the maximum benefits of CBD for epilepsy treatment.