CBD Oil Vs CBD Vapes – A Comparison

CBD oil or vape for seizure

The growing popularity of CBD led to the diversification of CBD options enabling every person to find a CBD product customized for them. Whether you like to take your CBD orally, sublingually, want to vape it, or apply it topically, you will find the right products in the store.

CBD oils and CBD vapes are two popular CBD options that differ in terms of multiple factors, all the while delivering the benefit of CBD to the users. In this session, we make a comparison between CBD oil and CBD vapes based on various criteria.

Parameter CBD oil CBD vapes
Intake method Sublingual/added to edibles Inhalation of vapors
Duration of effects Long Short
Time taken for effects 15-30 minutes Instant effects
Cost-effectiveness High Low
Spectrum options Full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate Mostly CBD isolate
Bioavailability Up to 30% Up to 60%
Dosage measurement Easy Less easy

Intake Method

CBD oils are commonly taken sublingually whereby the oil is placed under the tongue for about a minute to allow the CBD to be absorbed through the sublingual glands. This isn’t the exclusive method of taking CBD oil. It can also be added to edibles and consumed orally but the bioavailability value will be lesser when compared to the sublingual mode of intake.

CBD vape products are added to vaporizers and heated to a particular temperature so that they get converted to vapor. The vapors are then inhaled into the lungs enabling rapid absorption of CBD into the bloodstream.

Time Taken For The Effects

When compared to CBD edibles, CBD oils taken sublingually produce the effects within shorter time but CBD vapes produce instantaneous results. When you take CBD oil sublingually, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes for the CBD to kick in while CBD vapes do not take more than a few minutes to produce the desired effects in the body.


Bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream when you use a CBD product. The intake method plays a crucial role in deciding the bioavailability of CBD. The bioavailability of oral CBD is about 20% while sublingual CBD products like CBD oil have a slightly higher bioavailability than oral CBD. The bioavailability value ranges to about 30%.

On the other hand, CBD vapes are known to have high bioavailability that ranges up to 56%. Higher bioavailability indicates that higher percentage of CBD reaches our bloodstream.

Duration Of The Effects

When CBD is vaped in, it gets introduced into the bloodstream through the permeable membranes of the lungs, whereas CBD oil taken sublingually enters the bloodstream through the sublingual glands. Although vaping produces the effects of CBD quickly when compared to taking it sublingually, the effects last longer in sublingual method. The case of edibles made by adding CBD oil is no different. The effects last longer than that produced by CBD vape.

Spectrum Options

CBD oils can be made full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolates, with most of the popular CBD oils being full spectrum or broad spectrum generating entourage effect in the body, as multiple phytochemicals work together.

CBD vapes, on the other hand are usually made from CBD isolate meaning that you cannot expect the entourage effect when you use CBD vapes.


An analysis of the cost-effectiveness of CBD oil and CD vapes will lead you to the conclusion that CBD oil is more cost-effective than CBD vapes. Unlike CBD vapes, CBD oil doesn’t require additional equipment like vaporizers and coils. Instead, they merely require a dropper to measure out the dosage accurately and most of the CBD oils come with a dropper.

Measuring The Dosage

Although the chances of overdosing on CBD are extremely rare, the dosage plays a crucial role in determining the benefits of CBD. What is an ideal dosage for one does not need to be ideal for the other, indicating that you cannot stick to a standard CBD dosage all the time.

Measuring the dosage is easier with CBD oil than it is with CBD vapes because the CBD oil bottle will contain the information about how much CBD is in each drop but with CBD vapes, it is not that easy to determine how much CBD you get from vaping it.


Although experts suggest that vaping is much safer than smoking CBD, vapes cannot assure the level of safety that CBD oil assures. The intake method of the two determines their safety values. The chances of lung irritation cannot be completely ignored in the vaping method.

If you are a new CBD user, you should develop an unambiguous idea about the multiple parameters that decide the quality of your CBD experience. Once you have made up your mind about choosing product, make sure that it is of top quality.