Using CBD For The Treatment Of Seizures

CBD Oil For Seizures
CBD Oil For Seizures
CBD Oil For Seizures
CBD Oil For Seizures

We experience our emotions and thoughts from our surroundings. Our central nervous system plays an important role in experiencing these thoughts and emotions. The central nervous system (CNS) of our body communicates through the electrical signals between the neurons.

The CNS functions normally most of the time. However, the electrical signals become abnormal sometimes and lead to an over-excited brain. When this happens, the affected person will convulse violently. This condition is called a seizure.

Types Of Seizures

Seizures are mainly of two types; focal seizures and generalized seizures.

Focal seizures will affect only a single part of the brain and it is of two types. The first one is complex focal seizures that cause a change in consciousness or its complete loss. It will also lead to repetitive movements. Partial focal seizures cause emotional changes and are responsible for muscle twitches, tingling, or numbness.

Generalized seizures will affect all parts of your brain and they are of six different types. The types of generalized seizure that are common among the children is absence seizure. There is another type called the Grand-mal seizure that causes the person to lose consciousness. The tonic seizure will affect the muscles and causes its stiffness. Atonic seizures lead to the loss of muscle control. Another one is the clonic seizures that cause the repetitive jerking of muscles in the face, neck, and arms. The last one is myoclonic seizures that cause jerking of muscle in the arms and legs.

Treatment Of Epilepsy

Antiepileptic drugs and anti-seizure medications are the current treatment options for epilepsy. Most of these medications are only partially effective and some may even cause side effects in patients. That is why people are looking for natural remedies.

If the available evidence is to be believed, CBD is the best natural remedy for epilepsy and controlling seizures. CBD is one of the active cannabinoids of the hemp plant and it possesses several therapeutic properties that help in the treatment of many health disorders, including seizures. The use of CBD for epilepsy is gaining popularity among people all across the globe.

Antiepileptic Effects of CBD

CBD works by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system of our body. This complex system is responsible for maintaining the chemical balance and controlling several bodily functions, including pain perception, mood, appetite, sleep, inflammation, motor control, etc.

The exact effect of CBD on seizure control is still unknown. However, scientists have observed that some of the interactions of CBD have positive effects on controlling seizures. CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system can prevent the overexcitation of neurons and reduce seizures.

Inflammations in the brain can also lead to seizures. The anti-inflammatory properties possessed by CBD will be significant in alleviating the neuroinflammation and thereby reduces the frequency and severity of seizures.

CBD Oil For Seizures

According to scientists, seizures are the result of the disruptions in the electrical activity of the brain. If a person experience seizure regularly, they will be diagnosed with epilepsy. Most of the antiepileptic drugs available today are not so effective in many patients. One of the most effective natural alternatives for seizures is cannabidiol.

The FDA has currently approved the use of Epidiolex, a CBD-based prescription medication for the treatment of two rarest forms of epilepsy; Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. There are several scientific studies that show that CBD oil is one of the effective ways to treat seizures.

Research on Epidiolex was very successful. This CBD-based medication was very effective in controlling all types of seizures in children and adults. It also improved the severity and reduced the frequency of seizures in epileptic patients.

Earlier studies on animal subjects to find the effect of CBD on seizures were very promising. These studies have shown that CBD was effective in reducing the frequency of seizures through its interaction with 5HT1A and 5HT2A receptors.

The human studies on CBD for seizures were done on people suffering from Dravet syndrome. The studies have proven that CBD was effective in reducing the frequency of convulsive seizures associated with Dravet syndrome over a period of 14 weeks.

CBD is also proven to be effective in treating Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. A recent study has shown that CBD was significant in reducing the seizure frequency in people suffering from epilepsy. However, a few participants have experienced some side effects.

How to Use CBD For Seizures?

There are several forms of CBD available today. However, the only approved CBD treatment is Epidiolex. Many people are trying different forms of CBD like sublingual drops, capsules, vape oils, etc. for the treatment of seizures.

Sublingual CBD drops are taken directly under your tongue, which ensures faster absorption of CBD into the body. Capsules and other edible CBD products offer long-lasting relief from seizures. Another method of using CBD for seizures is using vaporizers or vape pens. Inhaling CBD vape oil helps the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream quicker than the other CBD consumption methods.