What Are CBD Chocolates?

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CBD Chocolates

Who does not love chocolates? Its creamy texture, sweet taste, and luscious color are all mouth-watering. We try to add chocolates wherever possible- in milk, coffee, cakes, biscuits, and even alcohol. Being so hard to resist, it has always been a must ingredient since ancient times. What’s exciting is that it makes people happy! It is often used as a mood enhancer. And people of all age groups love it.

Another compound that has made a name for itself is CBD. When CBD can be added to alcohol and coffee, why not chocolate. Let’s look at the effects of CBD chocolates. But, before we kick start with the topic, we need to brush up the basics.


Cannabidiol (is commonly known as CBD) is a cannabinoid derived from the industrial hemp plant that belongs to the infamous cannabis family. It is different from its cousins as it contains more amount of CBD than THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gets you stoned. Since its presence in industrial hemp should legally be lesser than 0.3 percent according to the 2018 Farm bill, CBD extract from the plant is not psychoactive.

What Is Common In Chocolates And CBD?

It is true that CBD has many uses. But, there is a special demand for therapeutic CBD chocolates. These impart all the medicinal qualities of CBD like anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-microbial, and other similar properties into the food it is added to.

Chocolates, on the other hand, contain the bliss molecule known as anandamide. It is also present in CBD. So, what happens when we have CBD chocolates?

Our body naturally has anandamide (AEA) and also N-acylethanolamines- which breaks AEA into smaller molecules. When CBD chocolate is had, it supplies our body with AEA and also another compound called fatty acid amid hydrolase (FAAH) which slows down the breakdown of AEA. This prolongs the process and gives happiness a longer lifespan.

Moreover, a study in Translational Psychiatry said that when AEA stays in the body for a longer duration, it leads to reduced stress and better mood in rodents.

There are other benefits that CBD will bring along with it when added to chocolates.

Eating CBD chocolates will help you sleep better without interruptions for longer durations. They also help relax and reduce anxiety. Depression is another condition that will become better with its consumption. Soothing sore muscle and joint pains is another pro of CBD chocolates.

The number of CBD chocolate you take will vary depending on the product you have, as different products have different concentrations of CBD. Information related to the dose of CBD will be found on the label behind the product. Or if you love cooking, there are many CBD chocolate recipes available online; you can make CBD chocolates yourself!