How To Maintain Your CBD Vape Pen?

CBD Vape Pen
CBD Vape Pen
CBD Vape Pen
CBD Vape Pen

The immense popularity of the CBD vape pen is attributed to its fast-acting effects and high bioavailability offered by vaping. The selection of a CBD vape pen is a time-consuming process and your work is not done by selecting a quality vape pen. You have to give adequate attention to its maintenance as well. Here are some tips that will be useful in maintaining the CBD vape pen.

Take Care Of Storage 

The CBD vape oil has to be kept away from light and warmth because there is a chance for the cannabinoids to undergo degradation. Keep the cartridges in an upright position with its mouthpiece facing down. The maintenance measures of CBD vape cartridge varies according to the type of cartridge and the vape oil used in it. CBD vape oils mostly have a shelf life of 90 days. Every time you use the vape pen, the vapor moves to a different chamber that leads to the mouthpiece. Unscrewing the vape cartridge from the pen while it is not in use prevents the oil from heating up unnecessarily and undergoing leakage.

Avoid Air Exposure 

Exposure to air leads to the malfunction of the cannabinoids like CBD. Hemp products usually come packed in air-tight containers and it is best not to attempt to move them to a new container. If you are moving the CBD vape oil to a new container, make sure the lid is correctly kept in place so that it allows no space for entry of air.

Look Out For Leakages

Leaking CBD vape cartridges make the precious CBD vape oil to get wasted. Conduct a regular check on the cartridge to ensure that it is not tampered or leaking. Clean the vape pen that was used with a leaking cartridge because the oil might dry out and harm the pen beyond repair.

Light It Up For A Great Hit 

If the vape oil is too thick, getting a great hit will become difficult. To make the oil lighter, you can run your lighter around the cartridge for a few seconds by making sure that you do not heat the cartridge to a point that it melts or breaks. Simply passing the lighter over the cartridge will do the work. You may also run the cartridge under warm water for a few minutes.

All the parts of the vape pen have to be given proper attention, to ensure a pleasant vaping experience. Keep the vape pen clean and the pen battery away from extreme humidity and warmth.